In any industry, there are those elite employees that every organization wants to attract and retain. In the world of physical therapy, where are these elusive therapists hiding and how can you encourage them to join your facility? There are several benefits that these elite therapists are searching for and once you can offer them, you have a much better chance of securing these elite therapists within your team. People who choose the field of physical therapy have an innate desire to help others, earn a competitive income, enjoy a flexible schedule, and gain experience and knowledge in their specialty. Your facility will have to offer more than the competition in order to obtain the best talent in your area. What can you Offer? Your facility will have a budget for salary and monetary bonuses, but salary is not the only deciding factor for an elite therapist. Therapists usually have their choice of places to work and the pay rate is generally in a similar range, so the pay is not the final deciding factor for these therapists. Benefits top therapists may be looking for will include:

Providing Flexible Scheduling will result in recruiting top talent.

A therapist wants to be able to choose their hours, within certain guidelines. Some physical therapists prefer to work 4 /10 hour days so that they can have a long weekend. Elite therapists pour their hearts as well as their skills into each patient. This is what makes them great at their jobs, but it can also be tiring on a regular basis. Longer periods of downtime can be a perk that won’t cost your facility any added expense.

Offering an Opportunity to Grow will result in recruiting top talent.

Elite therapists choose to strive for excellence, which means that they value continued education, as well as the opportunity to maintain their licenses and association memberships with the help of a facility or organization. They have a desire to grow in their knowledge and your company can offer to cover the costs or even pay for half of the classes and licensing needs that each PT professional has on a yearly basis. A mentorship program between new and experienced staff is another attractive incentive for both new grads and experienced therapists who want to give back to their profession.

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Establishing a Positive Working Environment will result in recruiting top talent.

Therapists work with patients who may be depressed or upset about the direction of their lives, so having a positive office and team support system can make a big difference to your therapists. For those who work in a facility, teamwork and leadership that is helpful can be a deciding factor for elite therapists. They work hard and are respected in their industry so they expect the same from their employment organization. Managers set the tone for the whole department by communicating appreciation and making schedules that evenly spread out the work load.

PT Solutions offers your organization the ability to work with elite therapists who will be a welcome asset to your team. These therapists come to PT Solutions to be placed with the best company for their career goals and PT Solutions works with each individual client to find the right fit for placement. Elite therapists have their choice of facilities with whom to work and yours can stand out by offering non-monetary perks and benefits. You may have several others to add to the above list. Please add to the comments below the unique ways that your organization helps your facility attract top talent.

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