As your clinic grows, your needs will change. From personnel requirements to adequate building space, the excitement of this forward progress can be marred with obstacles and financial strain. It can be overwhelming to know what to keep, what to cut, and how to handle the increased workloads without financial risk.  There are ways to maintain expenses while still advancing to bigger and better business options. Payroll is the largest expense of any Rehabilitation Service Provider. Cutting costs doesn’t always mean skimping or reducing amenities in the workplace; strategic staffing options may add to your organization’s efficiency, enabling your company to spend less on payroll as it manages it’s growth.

Thriving companies are notorious for hiring whom they need, when they need them. Rather than employing a large group of people for an undetermined number of years for the “just-in-case” situations, a successful clinic will be more strategic with their hiring. Strategic staffing is a smart way to place the right team members in your business and take advantage of these three ways to cut costs:

1. Lower the extras. Every department has added expenses that can be eliminated through strategic staffing, such as overtime and benefits that affect the bottom line. With temporary staffing, you only hire the employees you need for a certain period of time and you won’t have to provide benefits for these employees. This can be a huge cost savings, especially if you are a smaller business with high health insurance premiums.   Supplementing your staff with temporary employees helps avoid costly overtime and lowers your risk of employee burnout and turnover.

2. Reduce training costs. There are temporary employees who can do the exact job you need and you can hire them for only that job. For example, if you need a physical therapist with aquatic or pediatric experience, rather than pay to train your current staff, consider hiring someone temporarily to see those patients. Your team can stay focused on their current patients and you will save time and money by hiring the exact person for the job. If demand for that specialty persists, you can invest in hiring a permanent employee.

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3. Faster recruiting and less downtime. Let’s face it; therapists job openings are hard to fill. With less than 2% of Physical Therapy Professionals looking for work at any given time, it may take months before your opening is filled. When you have a therapy staffing agency who knows your requirements, relief is a phone call or email away. You can save time within your own HR department by just letting the staffing professional know exactly what you need and when you need it. It is then up to their expertise and network to find you the perfect temporary or direct hire candidate.

Your clinic can run efficiently if you are able to think outside of the box. Strategic staffing provides you with the team members you need without the long-term commitment and cost. Your business can be free to grow without being weighed down with heavy personnel commitments.

PT Solutions can help your business grow with the best therapy staffing options for your particular situation. Rather than taking the time to find new PT Professionals in Michigan , the Midwest, or Nationwide, you can utilize their connections to hire a temporary team member and be confident they will do everything within their power to make it a great fit.

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