Finding the right allied health professional for your organization can be time consuming. Even after you’ve narrowed down the possibilities, you still have the difficult decision of choosing just one person to complete the team. Rather than asking only the simple questions of these potential employees, it is important to ask the questions that dig deeper and force the candidate to answer with more than just 1-2 sentences. After the initial screening for skills, availability, and general qualifications, here are critical questions to ask allied health professionals before they join your rehabilitation team.

Candidate Screening Tip #1: What is your ideal work environment? This question will provide details into what the allied health professional finds important. Some people prefer a quiet work environment or well organized, while others will thrive on chaos and noise. The right work environment can make all the difference for team cooperation. After all, if the most qualified candidate needs a quiet work space and yours is far from that, they will not perform at their best, in spite of their abilities.

Candidate Screening Tip #2: Why did you leave your previous jobs? It is not enough to ask about just one position, especially if they have listed several jobs in a short amount of time. This will uncover “red flags” and other problems, as well give insight into their goals and overall attitude. Do they have only negative things to say about their previous jobs?  Does it sound as though they were fired? Listen carefully to what is implied in their answers.

Candidate Screening Tip #3: Why did you choose this company or apply for this particular position? A therapist who is truly interested in your job opening should have researched your company, and should be able to talk about your organization with some authority. This question will demonstrate if they did their homework. They have probably applied to numerous positions, but they should know the job description for this interview and be able to describe what they bring to the team.

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Candidate Screening Tip #4: What makes you unique? This question will give the candidate a chance to showcase their strengths without simply stating a list, which they will have undoubtedly rehearsed prior to the interview. Your goal with this question is to hear the candidate brag on their abilities in a concise manner and listen to how they are the best fit for your particular position.

Candidate Screening Tip #5: What steps do you take to improve your knowledge? In the healthcare industry, things are constantly changing and if your staff is neglecting to learn, it can hinder your success. New laws, procedures, and even privacy issues are things that need to be addressed on a regular basis and your staff should be self-educating to ensure they follow the changes.

One of the most important skills in conducting an interview is to actively listen. Give the candidate a chance to talk, even talk too much, as you will hear more when they start to talk freely rather than recite rehearsed answers.

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