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You are tired of filling out time consuming online applications

You would like an overview of all options before choosing a job

You are looking for a job in a specialty area where positions are hard to find

You would like direct access to an interview with a hiring manager before going through an application process


You are independent

You want to maximize your earning potential

You want to gain experience in a variety of settings

You enjoy travel, exploring new places, meeting new people, and not being tied down to a long term commitment right now.



You want to get to know your next employer before making a long term committment

You would like to try out a new setting before deciding if it is for you

You are not sure where you will be living and would like some time to look around

You have been a traveler but are ready to transition into a permament position


You enjoy adapting to new work settings and meeting new people

You want to live at home but earn a travel wage

You are willing to travel up to 50 miles from your home

You like the flexibility  of a short term assignment

“I’ve worked at other medical staffing organizations. At myPTsolutions, I felt more involved in choosing assignments. I have recommended working at myPTsolutions to my friends, because I believe they are a good company to work for.” – Christina, DPT

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