A healthcare facility is only as good as the care it provides. Whether your facility has a focus on geriatric care, rehabilitative out patient services, or even pediatric treatment, ensuring each patient receives quality care throughout the course of their treatment of any kind is no doubt a top priority for you and your staff. Building a patient-centered program can be accomplished with the right attitude and approach to every aspect of your facility, from the staff you employ to implementing changes based on your patient satisfaction surveys. A patient-centric program is defined as a cohesive focus on a shared system of values and behaviors in efforts to improve the patient experience.

More and more healthcare facilities are realizing that increased patient and employee satisfaction can lead to increased profit margins. Fred Lee’s ground breaking book, If Disney Ran Your Hospital, which was first published in 2004 and is currently in it’s 9th edition, has brought this issue into the awareness of every healthcare administrator. Implementing the suggestions in a book like this requires a never-ending battle against the way things have been done in the past.

Starting with Leadership

Your management style may be different from others, but there is one universal trait of a good manager: good managers listen to their staff and patients in order to create the best experience. The patient becomes the center of a strong healthcare system and this type of environment must be built from the top down. Here are several factors to consider in a implementing this type of program:

  • Hire Selectively. The staff you hire will determine the success of your program. Unless your employees share your commitment of making daily strides towards a patient centered workplace, you will be fighting them at every improvement you may try to make. Instead, hire the people who have the same desires as you do. This will be the foundation for success.
  • Train your employees. Although training takes time away from productivity, think of it as an investment in consistent patient care. Investing in your employees pays dividends when it comes to customer service. Most people need to interact with an idea seven times before they remember it. Just telling your employees something once and expecting them to act on it, is an unrealistic expectation. Your mission must be reinforced in various ways with your employees before they are able to communicate it to your patients.
  • Ask your patients to evaluate your services. From the one-time visitor to those who return on a weekly basis, you can glean a great deal of information from their experiences at your facility. Many times their input will guide you to taking the necessary steps forward in ways you may not have considered.
  • Implement changes based on the feedback you receive. When patient’s preferences are honored in their medical situations, they tend to have more trust and follow the guidance of the medical teams. Ask your marketing department to highlight some of the changes you’ve made based on patient suggestions. Positive change fosters an environment where patients realize that their input matters. This is the ultimate goal for every patient-centric healthcare program.
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Regardless of your rehabilitation provider’s specialty; whether hospital, outpatient, skilled nursing, assisted living, hospice, or home healthcare, the “person-centered” facility is the new focus for all medical providers. In addition, there is a direct relationship between patient and staff satisfaction. As your staff is able to provide excellent care, not only are the patients happier but your employees will be, as well.

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