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Physical therapists help restore function, improve mobility, and relieve pain in patients suffering from diseases that limit physical motion. They play a crucial role in promoting overall fitness and health. These specialists develop treatment plans and wellness programs to help patients lead healthy and active lifestyles. This dynamic profession requires a practitioner to possess certain qualities for success. Here are some characteristics to seek when you are hiring a physical therapist.

The Top Ten Qualities Physical Therapists Should Have


Seek a physical therapist who is up-to-date with the knowledge and skills necessary to diagnose and treat a patient. A physical therapist must be able to find solutions to multiple ailments while working to restore their function. A knowledgeable therapist will keep up to date with ever-changing trends and adopt them in your daily practice.


Being realistic with patients is not enough. A great therapist must be humble and possess the ability to communicate with patients so that they understand. Decisions made by therapists regarding a patient’s health are never just another case.


It is a reality that not all patients are the same. All of them are different. Some patients are cooperative while others, not so much. There are those patients who have difficulty following instructions, while others get it on the first try. Patience is key. Even when patients with common problems come to your clinic, the patience your therapists’ display reflects upon your practice.


A positive attitude is a must for a therapist. Reality can have different perspectives and different ways of looking at a situation. Successful physical therapists know how to accentuate the positive while redirecting the negative. These therapists know how to focus on what action plan works best for patients.

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Successful physical therapists understand what they can and cannot do for patients. Painting a rose-tinted picture for a patient is kind, but it fails miserably if the therapist cannot deliver the treatment. It is essential to find physical therapists who are realistic in their treatment approach.


In the health care profession, caring is a real virtue. When patients know that a physical therapist cares, they will listen to instructions and follow treatment advice. Find a physical therapist who has compassion for others.


The job of a physical therapist is not limited to treating patients. Other tasks include scheduling appointments, working with support staff, administration and billing. The ability to be organized is essential for therapists who must perform multiple roles.


Patients often feel vulnerable and embarrassed during the treatment and recovery process. Easing the nerves of patients is a vital responsibility of a physical therapist. Support and compassion are a must for successful physical therapy practice.


A great physical therapist is one whom patients look to as someone credible and accountable. Accountability makes therapy successful. If patients cannot see a therapist as someone responsible, treatment efforts are pointless.


Communication is vital in health care, and physical therapy is no exception. When patients fully understand their condition and treatment plan, they are more cooperative during the execution of the treatment plan.

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