3 Tips for Better Physical Therapist Onboarding Process

Physical therapists are the lifeblood of your organization, and with technology consistently changing, therapists are approaching the hiring process differently than in the past. Gone are paper applications, multiple in-person interviews, and lengthy staffing processes. Physical therapists now expect a seamless experience with simple applications, immediate feedback, and a fast onboarding process. Your organization needs to provide this experience and evolve with your job candidates. Remember that if you continue to support your new hires to develop personally and professionally, you will gain an employee committed to your organization’s success.

Three Ways To Better Onboard Your Physical Therapists

Start Early

Provide information about your company culture, values, and expectations to candidates in advance to make your physical therapist onboarding process more straightforward. Candidates will understand your company before onboarding starts. Additionally, here are other things you can do in advance to improve the candidate experience, including:

  • Please send an email with helpful information, including links to informative pages on your website, a list of documents they will need to complete HR paperwork, and instructions on what to bring on their first day.
  • Email a copy of the employee handbook.
  • Send an itinerary of activities for the first day so the employee can prepare.
  • Encourage current therapists to welcome the new hire.

A Structured Process

Sadly, many companies have no proper onboarding process beyond the typical filling out of the necessary HR paperwork. As you can expect, the result is often a new employee with many unanswered questions and frequently disastrous results. To perform to their highest ability, a new hire physical therapist must feel acclimated and invested. Meet them on the first day and show them around. Have their office set up and have their login information ready. Additionally, a nice touch is having employees take the new hire out to lunch.

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Do Not Stop After Day One

Starting the onboarding process early and having a structured approach is crucial for a successful onboarding experience. However, it does not stop after day one. Your onboarding process for a new physical therapist should extend beyond the first day. Additionally, keep in mind that decisions about staying with a company long-term take place within the first 90 days, so check up on your new employee’s progress frequently. Being proactive can help ensure that you address any issues preventing your employee from adapting well.

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