How Hiring Newly Graduated Physical Therapists Can Improve Your Business

From technical aptitude to adaptability, there are many reasons for you to hire a new graduate physical therapist. Of course, there are consequences associated with hiring those with less professional experience; however, the benefits are substantial. The hire can be a win-win for the candidate and your organization.

5 Benefits of Hiring Recent Physical Therapy Graduates

Ambition and Enthusiasm

New physical therapy graduates are eager to start their professional careers. They have studied hard, and they want to make an impression and succeed. These new hires have a sense of gratitude and the desire to do well in their new job. For your business, this means a firm commitment from the beginning and enthusiasm to learn and succeed.

Adaptable and Agile

Experienced workers indeed bring insights, skills, and experience to a job. However, seasoned workers are sometimes set in their ways and focus on doing things they have in past jobs. New grads have less professional experience, which makes them adaptable and eager to learn new things. For your organization, this means you can train recent graduates to understand your methods and best practices without the risk of ingrained habits getting in the way.

New Graduates Know Technology

Although new graduates might lack work experience, they have spent a considerable amount of time adopting and mastering new technologies. These recent graduates can navigate technology like it is second nature. Furthermore, their recent education exposed them to the latest software, hardware, and applications. These recent graduates can share their tech skills with your team and gain experience as collaborators.

An Opportunity to Develop Long-Term Talent

As a hiring manager, if you look beyond formal qualifications and experience on a resume, you will allow yourself to focus on a candidate’s potential and commitment to performance, development, and advancement. If you hire with leadership potential in mind, you will have the opportunity to find talent with long-term potential. You cannot predict the future, but you can recruit with qualities and growth trajectories in mind.

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Attain Diversity

Diversity is crucial to success. Companies that incorporate diversity are more innovative and competitive. When teams consist of members with unique backgrounds, experiences and cultures come together; great things can happen. Graduating classes are more diverse than ever before, and you have an opportunity to recruit talent from all walks of life. Diversity is steadily increasing among graduates, with 2025 expected to be the most diverse class ever.

Hiring a New PT Graduate

When hiring a new physical therapy graduate, there are a few things you should look for and consider:

  • A willingness to learn and implement
  • The ability to follow direction and instruction
  • No fear of making mistakes
  • Aligned with company mission and goals
  • Ability to introduce new ideas and ways of doing things
  • Takes initiative
  • A fantastic personality
  • A desire to work hard for their patients
  • A genuine passion for helping people

Looking to Talented Physical Therapy Graduates?

Finding talented physical therapy graduates doesn’t have to be difficult. We can find you talented candidates quickly. The professional staff at myPTsolutions can help with your unique staffing needs with a variety of staffing solutions.

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