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We know how hard it can be to quickly find quality physical therapy job candidates. In fact, it is why we got started in the first place. MyPTsolutions started in 2007 when two physical therapists began offering their services on a contract basis throughout West Michigan. Soon, other therapists started asking if they would manage their placements, which led to its founding. Today, myPTsolutions offer staffing and networking services for physical, occupational, and speech therapy. Facilities choose to work with myPTsolutions for its relational approach to hiring. When you partner with myPTsolutions, you gain a partner that understands therapy, exists to serve you and your business, believes in maintaining and nurturing good relationships, and knows how to deliver excellent value.

Why myPTsolutions?

When you work with a staffing partner, it is important to find a company that best matches your unique needs. We pride ourselves on customizing our solutions to cater to Therapy facilities in a way other staffing agencies cannot. Need great reasons to partner with myPTsolutions? Here are three:

We provide a variety of placement solutions for your facility.

Whether you need a contract employee, a temporary to a permanent employee, or a direct-hire, we can help! We offer direct hire if you are seeking a therapist with just the proper skill set. Temp to perm if you wish to get to know an employee before making a final commitment and contract/supplemental to provide you with temporary assistance.

Therapist owned.

MyPTsolutions is a therapist-owned company, so we strive to make sure therapists and customers both win. As therapists, we know how to identify quality candidates that fit your companies. Our focus is only on physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy. It is what we know, and it is our passion. And the best part? We are good at it!

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We care.

At myPTsolutions, we know that not all companies are the same. Our goal is to build a relationship with the companies we serve. We always start by getting to know you! By better understanding your companies unique needs, we can help you achieve your hiring goals. We then aim to serve those needs with compassion and excellence. We also understand that all companies have different budgets and will work with you to build a solution that fits.

Looking for Talented Physical Therapists? We are Happy to Help!

The therapy staffing professionals at myPTsolutions can help you develop a staffing solution to meet your facility’s unique needs. The owners of myPTsolutions have 36 years of experience managing therapy departments and working in the field as contract therapists. We serve with compassion and dedication and listen to your needs while working to build a solution. We want to be an extension of your human resources department.

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