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If your ambition is to become a physical therapist, you know that the National Physical Therapy Exam (NPTE) is part of your journey. The exam is the final requirement to become a physical therapist. Passing the 250 question exam is essential in all 50 states, including D.C. and U.S. territories. Therefore, a solid study plan is vital! To help here are tips and five review resources to help you in your studying efforts.

Five Study Tips to Pass the NPTE Exam!

Exam Registration

Registration requires candidates to complete an accredited physical therapy program. If you are currently in a program, you can gain approval to take the NPTE by having your school validate your graduation date. You can sit for the exam 90 days before your graduation date.

Start Studying

12 to 16 weeks of dedicated study time is ideal. Expect to study 15 to 25 hours per week, depending on the week’s material. Additionally, consider creating an NPTE study calendar to help you map your PT studying. Goals will help you focus and feel prepared. When you start early, you have the benefit of spaced repetition. By reviewing concepts at regular intervals, you improve memory while reinforcing study material.

Grasping the Content

The exam includes system and non-system topics. More than 80% of the questions focus on specific body systems. The questions test your knowledge of examination, evaluation, and diagnostic components. Three sections, including cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, and neuromuscular, comprise much of the exam. It is essential that you study all categories. However, it is crucial that you understand these big three categories and use every available resource to prepare for these concepts. Additionally, make sure that your review material aligns with the FSBPT content outline.

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Develop a Study Plan

Plan to supplement your studying with group sessions, teaching concepts to friends, quiz reviews, and other online supplement resources. Additionally, using a daily quiz question is a fantastic way to keep content fresh while reinforcing your question reading skills.

Exam Day

On exam day, arrive 30 minutes early at the Prometric test center for fingerprinting and checking in. Bring two forms of valid identification. You will have five hours to conclude the computer-delivered exam consisting of 250 questions.

Resources for NPTE Review

Here is a list of accessible resources to help you review. Your career depends on the passage of this exam. Therefore, you are indebted to yourself to make time to prepare for this test and do your best.

  • TherapyEd. A licensure exam prep course and a study guide for exam review. You can access current exam requirements, discover where to focus your study efforts, and learn how to answer multiple-choice questions.
  • SLACK Books. A variety of educational sources for PTs and other health care professionals.
  • Scorebuilders. A selection of review options including in-person review courses, online resources or printed materials.
  • Therapy Exam Prep. A program that prepares you by getting you ready to think like a practicing clinician. The program includes live webinars, recordings, forums, guidance and feedback.
  • The Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy (FSBPT). This association offers a review guide and other helpful resources to help you study.

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