It’s important to plan ahead before the end of your current travel placement. The conversations you have with your employer and recruiter will help shape the future of your career. Most travel assignments last 13 weeks; you may want to get started planning your next placement somewhere around the 8-week mark. This will give you time to get a feel for your current assignment (facility, job, teammates, etc.) and help you decide what to do next. Here’s what you should consider.

Three important steps to take at the end of your travel therapy assignment

  • Inquire about an extension. Have you enjoyed your travel position? If so, your employer may be open to keeping you on after your placement ends. Well in advance, speak to your recruiter about your extension options and then talk to your employer. After all, if you’ve found a great location, facility and team, why not continue to build on the skills you’ve developed at your current therapy job? If you do decide to accept an extension, you’ll need to sign a new contract for a new period of time.
  • Put your preferences in writing. Perhaps you did not prefer your travel placement or travel work in general. An advantage of travel therapy jobs is that they are temporary. This gives you a lot of freedom to move around and build experience in your therapy career. As your assignment draws to a close, take time to evaluate and articulate what you like and don’t like about your placement. Then share your thoughts with your recruiter. Putting your preferences in writing will help both you and your recruiter determine if there is a better fit available.
  • Ask for a recommendation. While you, and your work, are fresh in the mind of your manager, ask for a job recommendation. This will help you to grow your portfolio of references and recommendations. Many employers look for an average of six letters of recommendation for healthcare workers, so the more you have under your belt, the better.
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Good communication and timing is key

It’s a great idea to be proactive as your travel therapy placement draws to a close. Your employer will appreciate your consideration, especially if your plan is to move on to a new position. And your recruiter will have extra time to work with you on your future career plans.

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