What are the main goals of most retirees?

  • Spend more time with family and friends
  • Travel
  • Give back from their years of experience

As your career shifts from an emphasis on serving the profession to serving your family, a travel placement may be a perfect solution. Travel therapist assignments enable you to do all three of the above goals at the same time! So, if retirement is on your horizon, you may wish to reconsider—at least temporarily. A travel therapist provides temporary coverage for outpatient clinics, hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, and home health agencies all over the United States. As a therapist, you can experience much that life has to offer by accepting travel assignments, without the stress of a full-time career.

 Advantages of travel positions for seasoned therapists

As an experienced veteran in the healthcare market, you need not worry about typical nine-to-five woes. Consider the following benefits of traveling for work:

  • You can set your own schedule. As a travel therapist, you’re a contract worker. This means you can accept assignments when you want to. Most travel placements last for 13 weeks, and when your assignment is complete, you can lay low for as long as you’d like.
  • Take extended time off. If you’d like to take a vacation for a few weeks, work on a project around the house or just relax for the summer, you can. Travel therapists accept assignments as much—or as little—as they please.
  • Get paid to travel. A part-time career as a travel therapist can take you all over the country—or the world. You’ll get to meet new faces, see the sites and experience new cultures. And you’ll be earning money while you’re there. When your shift ends, your time is your own to spend in your new surroundings.
  • Earn extra cash. While other retirees are relying on Social Security, 401(k) funds or other savings, you’ll continue to build your wealth as a travel therapist.
  • Exercise your brain. Especially as we age, it’s important to continue to challenge our minds to keep them nimble. As a travel therapist, you’ll be able to keep your skills sharp, helping to strengthen your memory and your level of concentration.
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How to find work as a travel therapist

A staffing agency is a great place to start your travel therapy adventure. Your recruiter will work with you to find placements that are a good fit for your skills and experience, and in locations you prefer.

myPTsolutions offers a wide array of travel therapy positions

We place travel therapists in temporary assignments all over the country. To learn more about the positions we currently have open, please contact one of our experienced recruiters today.

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