Have you ever felt yourself shutting down as you stood in front of a café cashier… staring at a huge menu, scribbled on a chalkboard that covers the whole wall?

Our brains are designed to sort and filter information.  Too much information, too many decisions…. And suddenly, like one hundred logs jamming a river… everything comes to a stop.  We need a brave, careful lumberjack to slowly push some thoughts free so they can start flowing down the river again.

myPTsolutions can help you sort through and understand the myriad of therapy job choices and information that jam your thought processes as you determine which job options to pursue.

We have three things to offer you… a listening ear, an experienced opinion, and an opportunity to experiment.

We’ll listen…

The reality is, we sometimes don’t know what is most important to us until we hear ourselves explaining it to someone else.  When you call myPTsolutions to find out what job opportunities are available, you’ll be asked the question… What’s your dream job? We can’t guarantee that we’ll find it for you, but just talking with us will help you figure out where to head next.

We’ve been there…

Everyone knows that it’s wise to ask for advice.  The best way to prepare for a trip to an unknown destination is to ask for advice from an experienced traveler.  Devin DeBoer and John Heyerman, our owners, are working physical therapists.  They each have 14 years of experience in permanent settings, as well as short term contract placements.  They are available to advise you on the following job settings: Outpatient, Inpatient, Long Term Acute Care Centers, Skilled Nursing Facilities, Home Health, and Department Management.

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We’ll let you experiment…

Finally, after you’ve done all your research…. experiment!  By taking a 13-week placement, you can try a setting without the long term commitment of a permanent placement.  By taking a travel position, you can experiment with living in different parts of the country.  Your short term experiences will prepare you to choose a permanent placement with confidence.

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