May 9th through the 15th is Skilled Nursing Care Center week. Skilled Nursing Care Center week offers an excellent opportunity for you to consider ways to improve your staff’s working conditions, leading to better patient care and employee retention. Show your appreciation for your skilled nursing staff by creating a better work culture, listening to your staff’s recommendations, and empowering your skilled nursing staff.

How to Use Skilled Nursing Care Center Week to Improve Caregivers Day-to-Day

Reasons for Caregiver Turnover

Skilled Nursing Care Center workers are devoted and kind caregivers who strive to do a great job. Unfortunately, when a facility is understaffed, these professionals find it challenging to do their jobs properly. This usually leads to residents being the ones who pay the price. Typical reasons for skilled nursing staff turnover include:

  • Working for a non-profit organization
  • Low pay with high workload
  • Inability to deliver high-quality care due to workplace issues
  • A feeling of being undervalued by society and the workplace

Create a Positive Work Culture

Creating a positive and caring workplace culture might be the essential measure you can take to keep your skilled nursing staff happy. To create this environment, you must know what your staff wants. Typically, skilled nursing center employees want to work in a facility that stresses positivity, safety for themselves and patients, and open communication. You must not only develop these into your culture, but you must also hire therapists with these values in mind. If you want the values to resonate, they must not only come from management. If you provide your therapists with a culture that helps them and listens to them, they will be hesitant to leave your facility.

Empower Your Skilled Nursing Staff

Celebrate skilled nursing center week by giving your staff more independence. One great way to do this is to start is to let them be part of creating work schedules. Most skilled nursing center staff are unhappy with the limited amount of input they have regarding putting together a work schedule. To combat dissatisfaction, allow your staff to set up their availability and then create work shifts based on their preferences. By involving your skilled nursing center employees in scheduling, you empower them to take a more active role in their work. This can help lead to greater job satisfaction. Also, for your higher-level skilled nursing center staff, you might want to consider allowing them more control with scheduling too.  Most of your experienced staff will appreciate the added responsibility. Furthermore, showing your skilled nursing staff that you trust them with scheduling improves their job satisfaction and loyalty.

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Implement Staff Recommendations

The happiest skilled nursing center staff are working at a facility that takes the time to listen to their suggestions. Your healthcare workers know better than anyone how to improve your facility. Seek their input frequently through surveys and implement the recommendations. Make it a priority to ensure your staff has everything they need to work effectively regarding equipment and supplies. Go beyond letting your staff make recommendations and allow them to participate in the process of putting together and implementing the plans.

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