October 1, 2015, marks the deadline for transition of ICD-9 codes to the ICD-10 code set. By this date, the United States Department of Health and Human services is requiring all HIPAA-covered entities to implement ICD-10 coding. The ICD-10 code set expands ICD-9 codes to allow for more specific documentation of health conditions and treatments.

Since codes are included on many types of medical records related to reimbursement, utilization review, quality, and data management activities, physical, occupational therapists and speech language pathologists must be familiar with the new ICD-10 code set. This will be a challenging transition, but luckily, rehabilitation providers have access to three key resources that can help make life a little easier.

Three important ICD-10 resources for physical therapists

When you find yourself in doubt or in need of more information about ICD-10 codes, you can check out the following:

  1. ICD-10 for PT. This site is designed to provide physical therapists everything they need to prepare for the ICD-10 transition. You’ll be able to find a checklist, so you can make sure you’re ready for ICD-10; a comparison doc with examples of why ICD-10 is better than ICD-9; and five steps you can take today to be ready for ICD-10. You can also find Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), blog posts, videos and quizzes, all dedicated to helping PTs prepare for the ICD-10 transition.
  2. APTA. The American Physical Therapy Association is also taking steps to help PTs prepare. The APTA has dedicated a section to information about ICD-10, which includes FAQs, webinars, downloadable files of the ICD-10 codes, and other resources, including a discussion community.
  3. Med Assets: This organization is dedicated to improving “the quality and effectiveness of the healthcare industry.” To help assist with physical therapists’ understanding of ICD-10, they’ve published a downloadable “playbook” that provides information about how health systems can succeed financially with the onset of ICD-10.
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It’s just around the corner

ICD-10 may soon be upon us, but rehabilitation providers have plenty of resources at their fingertips to learn more and master this new coding system.

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