There’s some fun updates happening in the myPTsolutions’ corner of the world.  We’re excited to share our brand new myPTsolutions introductory video with you.  Get to know us up close and personal in this fun and engaging short video that guides you through the job search and hiring process.  Co-owner Devin DeBoer will give you a short tour of our offices and introduce you to some of the folks at myPTsolutions who are working on your behalf.

Visually stunning and equally informative, Devin gives us a glimpse into some of the early strategies and elements that myPTsolutions was founded on.  Furthermore, you’ll get to see our friendly staff that you may have only spoken to on the phone before.  It’s a great way to put a face to a name and meet the folks that are working hard for you once you’re plugged in and on board with us.  Against the backdrop of the spacious and historic offices, Devin introduces the team that handles your questions, credentialing and placements.

These are the folks that give you the myPTsolutions advantage!

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