Considering a Travel Assignment? 3 Reasons It Might Be the Best Move for Your Career

If you are a physical therapist tired of working at one office or therapy facility, it might be time to work in a different city, state, or country to provide physical therapy. Working as a travel physical therapist can unlock a world of opportunity. In these positions, you can work in new locations, and you can make great money doing it! Here are three great reasons why working as a traveling physical therapist might be a great career move for you.

3 Reasons to Consider a Physical Therapy Travel Assignment


Yes, there are physical therapy jobs that offer great schedules. However, a travel PT job provides flexible scheduling with higher pay. Money might not be the most essential aspect of a travel therapy job, but it is undoubtedly on the minds of many therapists. The ability to earn up to $100,000 per year when you include all benefits and allowances is attractive. A travel assignment lets you take pressure off your finances and pay off school loans faster. Additionally, many companies even offer tuition reimbursements as a benefit.

The perks do not stop with great pay alone. As a travel therapist, you can receive perks on car rentals, entertainment, automotive services, shopping, and restaurants. Many extras are unique, such as tickets to Disneyland or the Dallas opera if you happen to take an assignment in these locations. You will not have to wait on your benefits either. For these assignments, most companies offer medical, dental, and vision starting on day one.

Career Advancement

Working in a variety of environments that are part of travel therapy will benefit your career advancement. If you are looking to ascend the career ladder, travel physical therapy can help you climb up it. Travel physical therapy offers the unique opportunity to gain experience with multiple professionals and become acquainted with an array of EMR and documentation systems, state laws, and patient care methodology. You get the chance to work with colleagues who can open doors or write letters of recommendation for you.

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You can discover a travel physical therapy assignment that meets your needs and advances your career with options such as inpatient rehabilitation, long-term care, home health, or outpatient orthopedics. Short assignments allow for smooth transitions from one facility to the next. Additionally, this allows you to become a well-rounded and desirable candidate for future PT jobs.

More Places and People

A traveling physical therapy job allows you to wander the U.S.  Moving around allows you to explore different cuisines, new cultures, and adventures every thirteen to twenty-six weeks. In your time off you have opportunities that you wouldn’t have otherwise. You can climb mountains, visit museums, take in a Broadway show, or work on your tan as you relax near the Pacific or Atlantic ocean. Best of all, you can check off bucket list items with each new assignment.

You will meet many new people too, gain new professional contacts, and develop personal friendships. Traveling will allow you to treat many new patients and more of them. As you shift from city to city, you will have the ability to treat more people in various locations.

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