3 Ways to Land a High Paying Physical Therapy Job as a Recent Graduate

If you are wrapping up your physical therapy education, you might have a bit of debt to go along with your degree. If you want to earn some considerable money fresh out of school, these ideas might help you.

3 High-Paying Physical Therapy Options for Recent Graduates

Work at an SNF or a Home Health Agency

These two settings are the highest paying settings for a therapist. If you can make it work for you and have a support system, home health physical therapy pays well. However, if you are spending hours each day commuting from one side of town to the other, the unpaid time will lead to frustration.

SNF rehab is a popular choice among new grads looking for ways to manage their debt. A problem with SNF  is that they are not always the ideal environment to perfect your new physical therapy skills. With this in mind, it is important to choose a setting to balance your financial needs with personal and professional growth.

Consider Moving to a Rural Location or Traveling

Moving to a rural area and practicing physical therapy is another option. Although the pay is not necessarily that much higher, the cost of living in rural areas is low. Saving money is like earning money, especially when you have student debt. If you don’t mind some of the practice locations and view life as an adventure, this option can be ideal for you.

One option with great appeal is traveling. Not only will you earn a considerably higher salary than most other options, but you can also receive paid relocation costs, paid licensing fees, and paid housing. Did you move away to attend school? If you did, you’re probably far from home already. However, please keep in mind that every few months, just as you get comfortable, you might need to relocate again. Frequent moves mean new documentation systems, new and new policies every couple of months. If you don’t mind change, and love to travel, this is by far the best way to make money right out of school.

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Work at a Facility Offering Paid Overtime, Weekend Shifts, or Other Incentives

If you want to get paid overtime, avoid small clinics. These facilities are notorious for treating additional patients without paying the overtime to treat them. Large facilities are different. They tend to be careful with the way they treat employees regarding overtime. If an institution offers the chance to stay overtime, take it.

In health care, the weekends are the most challenging times for staffing. When you negotiate your pay, you will probably command more if you are willing to work when other therapists do not want to work. If you accept a position that involves working Saturday, inquire about increased pay. Keep in mind that some institutions have set new graduate wages with little room for negotiation.

Do you prefer fast-paced and performance-rewarded therapy? There are numerous options available for you if high-volume does not bother you. Please be careful accepting positions in clinics that only reward productivity as this environment can lead to burnout rapidly. Be sure to inquire if there are bonuses if you pursue continuing education, work weekend shifts or teach seminars.

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