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The most important thing in a travel staffing company is that they have a job you’re interested in!

The following factors can be just as important, and make sticking with a company worthwhile, even when the job they have available is your second or third choice.


Good travel therapy staffing agencies act as your agent. Look for a company that’s listening to your needs and what YOU want, and will only contact you about positions that you are truly interested in.


Your resume shouldn’t leave the agency’s desk until they get your permission. You should be treated as a person, and not as a commodity to be traded.


This benefits you because your travel therapy staffing agency will understand both candidate and client sides of any issue. If clinical problems arise, you have a therapist available to help you interpret whether or not something is ethical.


Find out whether or not you will have the same person working with you throughout your interview process. Will the same representative work with you throughout your travel career?


This is hard to measure, but you should feel like your recruiter has time for you.


Make sure to investigate the plans behind your benefits. Full health insurance – or capped limited coverage plan? Retirement plan with a company match? Paid Holidays? Tuition Reimbursement? License Reimbursement? Travel Tax Advantages.


If you’re looking for a travel staffing company to work with, reach out to a myPTsolutions’ employment specialist today.

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