“So, what do you do?” often starts new conversations. However, this greeting carries a lot of baggage with it. Those who are proud and passionate about their occupation may look forward to answering this question, but others may loathe it, as they struggle to find employment, or are simply dissatisfied with what they have accomplished so far in the working world.  The trouble is, many of us are not happy, but have not taken the time to slow down, and actually process the possibility of change.

In this video, Joseph Liu gives hope to those who are feeling lost in their career, by encouraging them to slow down and figure out how to make those changes happen.

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PT Solutions is a therapy staffing agency that is owned and managed by two physical therapists who are passionate about their work! We exist to help therapists to find jobs that they love by connecting them with premier rehab employers. If you are ready for a change, contact one of our therapy employment specialists here, or visit our website to learn more about your employment options.

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