A recent study conducted by the Cleveland Clinic suggests that virtual rehabilitation therapies help patients stick to the physical therapy programs prescribed to them after knee and hip surgeries.

Patients used Reflexion’s Virtual Exercise Rehabilitation Assistant (VERA) and it was found that 80% of the participants were committed and kept with their home regimens.  VERA is an instructional avatar, three-dimensional motion measurement and analysis software. Compliance was determined by how many times the patients followed prescribed repetitions of exercises.

The small study (157 knee surgery patients) proved to be a success and provided researchers with evidence that the combination of VERA and clinician-patient interaction beyond the hospital setting offers the advantage of cost savings, convenience, at-home monitoring, and coordination of care, all of which are geared to improve adherence and overall patient satisfaction.

What do you think about the use of digital technology to help patients with their physical therapy regimens?

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