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Registered Nurses who join myPTsolutions’ Medical Staffing Team and fill short term openings, and/or travel to areas where there is a shortage of nurses, are able to earn some of the most competitive pay in the industry. As a myPTsolutions’ employee, your pay will be determined by the following factors listed below.

In our ongoing need to connect and serve with compassion, dedication, and excellence, we are excited to include nurse staffing as one of our solutions to help connect exceptional talent with quality organizations. Our clients recognized the challenge of hiring quality nurses and asked for help to staff their openings, which includes home health, facility nurse and travel nurses, and we delivered. We know therapy staffing and it is a natural transition to add nursing. We now place Registered Nurses in a variety of settings and shifts, including travel, temp-to-perm and direct hire.

  • Competitive Pay

    Registered Nurses who join myPTsolutions’ Medical Staffing Team and fill short term openings, and/or travel to areas where there is a shortage of nurses, are able to earn some of the most competitive pay in the industry. As a myPTsolutions’ employee, your pay will be determined by the following factors:

    • Years of Experience
    • Geographical Location
    • Professional Specialties
    • Length of Assignment

    Contact one of myPTsolutions’ recruiters for details about how to maximize your earning potential.

  • Retirement Savings Plan

    myPTsolutions offers IMMEDIATE participation in the 401(k) retirement plan, including a matching contribution with immediate vesting for our staffing team members!

  • Continuing Education

    One of our goals at myPTsolutions is to invest in our employees. We hope that you leave us better than when you arrived! As fellow clinicians, we support your ongoing education with a continuing education tuition reimbursement of up to $1,000.

  • Insurance

    Medical Insurances (Health, Dental, and Vision)

    • myPTsolutions offers IMMEDIATE insurance coverage to eligible employees!
    • Our insurance plan covers up to 30 days of vacation between assignments.
    • Our Section 125 Premium only Plan enables you to maximize your tax savings by having your health insurance premium contributions withheld from your paycheck on a pretax basis.

    Life Insurance Complimentary Term Policy.

    Professional Liability Insurance


  • "I enjoy the opportunity to experience how my profession is practiced in a variety of settings. I get exposure to other professionals that I would never have if I weren't a contract therapist. I love the opportunity to meet new people in new places and learn what life is like in their corner of the world."
    Carol, OT
  • I have been working for MyPTsolutions for the past 5 years, and have loved the flexibility given to me. My recruiter at MyPTsolutions has been more than helpful and responsive with employment options. Working for MyPTsolutions has given me more freedom than with my previous full time employments.
    James W.
  • Love the staff at myPTsolutions! My Husband and I have been working as traveling PT's for 2 plus years with myPTsolutions, and we have always been very happy with the assignments that we have had the opportunity to take. We could not ask for a better company/team to work for.
    PK G.
  • MyPTSolutions is an excellent company to work for. They are fair, honest and genuinely care about their employees. I highly recommend them!
    Chad C.
  • "I have pretty much seen and treated every and any kind of patient you could think. I have met and become friends with some really cool people as a travel therapist. Obviously, I appreciate the benefits and pay, but most importantly, I appreciate the awesome team at myPTsolutions who work hard to keep their therapists happy."
    Tom, PTA
  • "I would recommend myPTsolutions to anyone. It is a company with integrity, honesty, caring, and a smile that comes through the phone. They are dependable through thick and thin. In the midst of all the changes in health care, they are people you can trust with one of your most valuable assets, your career."
    Heather, PT
  • "myPTsolutions is invested in my success and happiness with every job I take. Everyone is positive and supportive from the moment staff help me through the list of start up requirements for each setting until my placement is done. In every contact I have with the company I feel appreciated. I am more satisfied and proud to be a part of myPTsolutions with each job I take."
    Carol, OT
  • "I was approached by myPTsolutions about an opening in a facility that I normally would not have sought out- It was very different from where I was working before. However, the position intrigued me, and has turned out to be a challenging, growing experience, and I am pleased with my placement."
    Joyce, OT
  • "I’ve worked with three agencies, including some of the biggest in the industry as well as directly with two therapy companies ... Bigger is not necessarily better. And it’s not the company that matters - it’s the people and the relationships and trust you build."
    Dave, SLP
  • "After graduation, it was hard for me to narrow down what area of physical therapy I wanted to work in. With myPTsolutions, I was able get the best of both worlds. I get all the variety of contract work with the convenience of being literally minutes from my home."
    Johanna, PTA
  • "I’ve worked at other medical staffing organizations, and at PT Solutions, I felt more involved in choosing assignments. I knew they were trying hard to get me a placement. I have recommended working at myPTsolutions to my friends, because I believe they are a good company to work for."
    Christina, DPT


Our Vision

myPTsolutions exists to CONNECT and SERVE with Compassion, Excellence and Dedication.

It is our vision to connect exceptional therapy and nursing talent with quality organizations providing medical services. We realize we are only as strong as our team and proactively invest in our shared future by attracting and retaining professionals with superior talent and a servant’s heart. Our culture is defined by a team of individuals who display servant leadership, build life-giving relationships, serve with compassion, and commit to continuously
improve our effectiveness.

We exist to connect and serve – what we do is medical staffing.

Our Values

We believe that compassion is the foundation of healthcare. We serve others because we truly care about them.

Margin is a word that we use to describe the balance between work, family and fun. We strive to maintain this balance. We also strive to balance profitability and productivity, with the welfare of our patients and employees.

We strive to be honest in all we do. We try to communicate both positives and negatives of every situation, so that employees know what to expect when they arrive at their job. We under promise so that we can over deliver!

We hope that each customer and employee is blessed because of the interaction that they have with our company. Our goal is to build up people during the time that they spend with our company so that when they leave, they are better off than when they came.

We strive to do our work with excellence.

We use evidence based practices in our therapy, and utilize research and facts-based decision making in our business processes.

We seek to earn the trust of our clients and employees by being trustworthy.

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