Therapist Employment Consultant
and Converse Hoarder

I love working with therapists and all the different challenges each day provides. As an employment specialist, I help therapists gain a foot in the door.  We have established contacts with premier rehab clinics where therapists want to work.  I can send a resume to an actual person rather than a faceless email address and general inbox if candidates were to apply blindly. What you don’t know about me is that I am a huge comic book fan, especially Batman. I’m also an avid Converse collector and working on expanding my collection.


Sr. Therapy Staffing Consultant
who loves a good fish fight

I love the satisfaction that comes from helping people.  When we are able to connect a therapist with a therapy provider and it’s a perfect fit, that is amazing and it makes it all worthwhile.   Finding the right candidate for a position takes time and it never hurts to have someone else working on it.
I have a love for cooking and baking while listening to Jazz music. I enjoy the challenge that comes from perfecting a dish and exploring new recipes…sometimes I create my own.  I am famous for my stuffed mushrooms and I can make a killer margarita.   I love to fish and I like it best when they are biting, lol. It’s a thrill to see what is fighting on the other end of the line. Plus, they are delicious!



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