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If you are a PT who wants to advance your career and earn extra money, here are a few great side jobs that you can do. All pay well, and you might even choose to make one of these gigs your full-time job!

The Four Best Side-Gigs for Physical Therapists

Therapy Blog Author

Blogging is a great side gig for anyone and is a great way for physical therapists to earn extra money. If you get good at blogging, it can even turn into your full-time profession. Perhaps the best part of this is that you can monetize an online business by creating courses, selling unique products, and numerous other strategies. Great reasons to blog:

  • A passive income source. Blogging allows you to use your existing therapy skills and experience to earn a passive income. You can make money while you sleep!
  • Personal fulfillment. Establishing and growing a business can give you a sense of achievement and satisfaction.
  • Work from home. Blogging is one way to work as a PT from the comfort of your own home.

Blogging requires writing skills, the ability to use a website platform, and you will need to know a few marketing techniques. However, the work you put in will be well worth it in the long run.


If you are a PT with a specific set of skills, consulting might be right for you. Maybe you have experience with gait training? You can consult with a rehab tech company. Lots of rehab compliance experience under your belt? Consider making robotic ambulation devices for stroke patients. The list is endless. Consulting offers generous hourly pay, and it is exciting to work in this role. Better still, consulting can lead to full-time non-clinical work as many consultants are recruited into companies to become full-time employees. Finding your first clients may be challenging, but do not lose heart; A good website and specialized experience can help you.

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Cash-Based Practice

If you are a PT who loves patient care and who possesses business acumen and marketing skills, a cash-based practice might work for you. It is a fantastic way to use your skills and education while treating and keeping your skills current. It is also an effective way to avoid job burnout. A cash-based practice can help you avoid insurance reimbursements and the time wasted on documentation, leaving you free to treat patients. Operating your own business does mean that you will work a great deal, and the upfront costs like independent malpractice coverage and website maintenance fees can be prohibitive. But if these issues are not a deterrent, cash-based practices can be a terrific source of income.


Freelance writing is laid-back and lucrative. If you take pleasure in writing and are good at it, working as a writer might earn you a substantial side income. You can work from home and set your schedule. Provided that you meet your deadlines, your clients do not care when you work. Writing is also an outstanding way to get started in blogging.

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