“Shortly after becoming diagnosed with Advanced Lyme Disease my right side became paralyzed. I stumbled around on a cane for quite awhile until finally I was in a wheelchair full time. Getting to and from therapy became exhausting. After spending several months working with a therapist at a local hospital with my cane I decided the therapies just weren’t making a difference in my arm and leg. I quit my therapy program right in the middle.
It took another therapy friend to refer me to a local rehab place where the therapists traveled to their patient’s home.
Not only does my therapist show up when he says he will, be also puts me on a weekly schedule and doesn’t take no for an answer. Many therapists are beginning to make house calls and making an incredible difference in the lives of the patients because of their willingness to travel. I’m happy to report my confidence is building and I believe I will walk again some day with perseverance and a traveling therapist!”
-Jennifer A.
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