10 Tips to Help You Land a Great Allied Health Position

As an allied health professional, finding a position that will advance your professional goals while meeting your personal needs can be tricky as health care career opportunities vary significantly between clinical settings and geographic regions. Here are 10 suggestions to help you find a great allied health position.

Ten Tips For Aspiring Allied Health Professionals

Assemble an Exceptional Resume

Taking the time to create the best resume possible is vital for securing a tremendous allied health position. It is time-consuming and frustrating, but it is worth the effort. Hiring managers have little time to spare, so expect them to scan your resume in a few seconds. Your key achievements must attract the manager’s attention. A staffing agency can help you craft a terrific resume for this one-shot opportunity.

Describe Experience and Accomplishments

When you are crafting your resume, do not limit it to a description of your experience. Describe your accomplishments throughout your health care career and do so in an active voice.

Be Aware of Your Social Media Image

These days, you can expect an employer to review your social media profiles. No LinkedIn profile? Now is the time to create one. Update your profiles with your most recent experience. Avoid posting anything on social media that might embarrass you later.

Research the Companies

Google is undoubtedly simplifying the research process, and you can research a company in about one hour. Preparation is crucial for landing a job. Know the organization for whom you wish to work. The attention to detail will catch a hiring manager’s attention.

Connect the Dots

Once you understand the company inside and out, connect the information to your skills and experience. Be ready to discuss your experience in the interview and home in on the experience with the most value to the company.

Honest and Assured

An interview is a time for you to sell your skills. It is imperative that you project confidence in your abilities and your capacity to handle the job. Be honest and describe how you successfully adapt to unexpected challenges.

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Answer Questions

The hiring managers will ask questions, some basic, at your job interviews, so do not be caught off guard. Prepare some succinct answers in advance to avoid the awkwardness of groping for answers during an interview. You will project the impression that you are prepared and in total control of your career. Expect questions like the following:

  • Why did you vacate your most recent position?
  • What makes you a superior choice over the other applicants?
  • Why did you choose health care as a career?
  • Why do you work in your specialty?

Ask Questions

Do you have any questions for us? Yes, you do. Be ready to ask a few relevant and thoughtful questions that are directly related to the job. Avoid any questions regarding salary at this point in the process. Even if the interview is comprehensive and covers nearly everything, ask questions. It sends the message that you are interested in the day-to-day activities of the position.

Follow Up

Follow up with everyone you meet, preferably on the next business day. A brief message that lets them know that you appreciated the time they spent telling you about the position will do fine.

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