A.   I am a student at Stockton College, and I am interested in becoming an Occupational Therapist. I already did my observation hours. I was wondering, if you can help me find a paying internship or more observation? Thank You

Q.   Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a “paying internship” for therapy professionals. In fact, in the therapy world, it’s really the other way around. Student therapists “pay” tuition while they are doing their clinical internships at hospitals and facilities as part of their graduate program. One of the reasons for this is the law suit crazy culture that we live in. Rehabilitation organizations protect themselves from being sued by their patients by requiring that all caregivers have a licensed clinician supervising their work.

Since it sounds like you will be applying to Occupational Therapy Programs soon, the best way to get experience in the field is to look for a job or volunteering opportunity as a technician or aide in the rehabilitation department of a facility that provides OT services – such as an outpatient clinic, nursing home or school. Another good area of experience is to work as an activities director or assistant in a nursing home.  Try a local search on Indeed for “rehab technician” or “activities assistant”.

Although these opportunities aren’t directly assisting Occupational Therapists, they are related experiences that will help you determine if you enjoy working in an adult care giver setting.

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