If you are in the market for a new job, you have undoubtedly read the numerous posts online about how to craft a resume, prep for an interview, and how to properly network with potential employers. What you may not realize is how important your online presence is for finding a new job, and how you can use technology to help you land a better job. HR teams and recruiters are relying on technology to reach the right job seekers. Here are some basic steps to begin using technology in your favor, without having to spend weeks of your life learning about it first.

  1. Search for yourself. Ask yourself what you would like to have future employers find out about you from the Internet. A quick search can reveal anything negative about you that may or may not be true. Delete pictures and links that may be offensive to some and instead use your social media accounts to promote industry related blogs and news, for example, publishing articles from your Linkedin profile or filling your Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook status’ with interesting posts about your industry. Join job boards and other industry forums, and comment on the discussions. Suddenly, you will have an online presence that makes introducing yourself to a new employer easy.
  2. Update your professional profiles. LinkedIn is one of the best tools for finding a new job. Not only will you find common interests with others in your field, but you can connect with recruiters who are actively looking to fill roles. Many recruiters are active on LinkedIn because it is strictly meant for professional use. Keep that in mind when you are creating posts; this is not the place to put family pictures or your crazy weekend party. Technology makes it possible to connect with recruiters, CEOs, and even hiring managers of companies all over the world who may have the perfect role for you.
  3. Learn how to use new communication tools. Technology has removed many barriers for long distance interviews and brought new possibilities for working cooperatively. You may be expected to scan, email, fax, and video chat as part of your application and interview process. Spend some time learning how to run these applications so that you can use them with ease in your job search. The last thing that you want is to have technology hurt instead of help your job search.
  4. Update your resume with industry specific keywords. In large organizations, a computer may reads your resume and cover letter before they are submitted to a live person. The computer will look for keywords and decide whether or not to send your application to the next level. Learn what keywords employers are looking for by combing through job descriptions and company information. Use these keywords in your resume and cover letter to make it through the first qualifying stage.
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Technology can help you get your foot in the door, and move into the 2nd and 3rd round interviews. Understanding how human resource departments and recruiters are using technology will enable you to use it for your benefit. For more helpful information on beginning a successful job search, please see our “New Grad” articles.

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