Just because you travel in your physical therapy profession, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy having a pet. Taking your pet with you can be a rewarding experience. You will have your favorite companion in a new city and they won’t have to be left alone or in the care of strangers while you are gone.

However, finding proper accommodations and boarding for your pet, while on the road, requires planning ahead. The following travel tips can help assure you provide the best care for your friend and are still able to perform at your job, regardless of the location.

  • Know your hotels.
    The hotel industry recognizes that pets are like children to some people, and some hotel chains cater to travelers with pets. The best way to find pet friendly lodging is to use a website like petwelcome.com which runs an online search for hotels along your route that will accommodate your pet. Our favorite pet friendly hotel finder is bringfido.com, where you can even speak with a pet friendly travel expert!  Some hotels have “across the board” policies regarding pets while others may establish their own. If you aren’t sure, always call ahead as the information online is not always reliable or it can be subject to change. You don’t want to drive all day and plan on staying in a hotel that won’t allow your furry friend to stay with you.
  • Travel with what they need. Don’t rely on a pet store to have the food you need or any other supplies, unless you call ahead to confirm. Just because the store in your area carries the product, doesn’t guarantee that the new location will and you could be stuck buying a different brand of food that doesn’t agree with your pet. They can get sick from new foods and you could be forced to stay in the hotel with them or even take them to the vet if necessary.
  • Carry their documentation. By having their shot records, allergies, and even breed information, you can get them emergency care as necessary or even reassure hotel owners and others they are safe to be around the public.
  • Be prepared with their medications. Invest in a cooler or container that is used for their medications such as heartworm, flea and tick, and even if they are on an antibiotic at any point. When your pet has their own travel bag, it will be easier for you to pack and to recognize if you need to grab it in an emergency.
  • Stay calm. If you feel yourself getting worked up while traveling, try to relax, your pet can sense that uneasiness and will mimic your behavior. They may start to tremble or have digestive issues and that can cause even more stress to you both. Go for a walk if you feel yourself getting anxious and take along your friend, giving you both time to unwind.
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If you are interested in a travel therapy job, talk to the professionals at PT Solutions today. They can help you to find the perfect physical, occupational, or speech therapy job in your area or set you up as a travel therapist with the opportunity to travel to new cities performing the job you love.

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