Traveling for work can be one of the many perks of your chosen profession if you decide to become a Travel Therapist. Travel Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapists have the chance to see the sights and meet new people all while performing at a job they love. The next time you get on a flight or start the drive to a new destination, here are five things you should remember to ensure you have the least amount of stress and hassles:

  1. Invest in good luggage. It may be tempting to just throw everything into your suitcase, but when you arrive at your destination, you want to be organized. You don’t want to arrive and have to iron clothes or dry out shoes that are wet from a leaking bottle of shampoo. Living out of a suitcase is less stressful when you have quality bags with compartments and zippers that hold up to the wear and tear of constant use
  2. Get to know the hotel chain or accommodations before you arrive. Many travelers prefer to stay in the same type of hotel each time they travel so they know what amenities to expect. Some hotels will have extras, such as hair dryers, irons, steamers, laundry services, and microwaves that can be helpful to know about when you’re packing so you don’t over pack, yet still have what you need. If the hotel chain is new to you, call ahead with a list of questions so you feel assured of what to expect when you arrive.
  3. Take advantage of down time. You may not have a secure Internet connection in the airport or while traveling, but you can work offline and send when you have the connection. Upon arrival, all you have to do is hit “send” and you’ll be caught up on emails and other assignments. By planning ahead and saving webpages to work offline, you can even use your time between flights to research your destination. Don’t forget about using this time to just relax. People watching, conversing with other passengers, or listening to a book on tape can be very enjoyable. Take advantage of this opportunity to “do nothing” without feeling guilty!
  4. Maintain your health. This is not the time to get run-down, as there are many germs floating around travel spaces like airplanes, rental cars, and even hotel rooms. Load up on vitamins, water, and healthy food options so that you feel your best. Pack your work-out clothing, research ways to exercise away from home, and try to get in a daily walk.
  5. Stay ahead of the jet lag. Do what you can to avoid jet lag by taking a nap when you have the chance and jumping into the new time zone right away to help your body adjust. Consider taking something to help you sleep for the first several nights if your body is struggling to adjust.
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Your patients and new employer are counting on you to be in your best form when you start your Travel Therapy Assignment. Taking care of your personal needs will help them in the long run. If you are interested in Travel Physical, Occupational, or Speech Therapist jobs in MI or across the country, talk to the team at PT Solutions today!

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