As you prepare for the summer months, your facility needs to plan ahead to make sure you’ll have enough staffing coverage for upcoming vacations.

One of the biggest difficulties in a rehabilitation facility can be balancing the staffing budget and the amount of staff hired during any given quarter. This is especially true during times when vacation coverage is in high demand. Hiring too much permanent staff to cover these shortages can cause a budgetary deficit.  Hiring PRN staff may be a solution, but they are hard to find, and often want to take vacation during these months, as well. Running a short-staffed facility has two pitfalls. The first is a drop in patient care. The second is overworking your valuable employees. Overwork quickly turns into employee burnout, which can lead to even more staffing shortages.

Hiring Short Term Help

This dilemma, which is felt by every rehabilitation provider, can be solved by hiring a short term, temporary employee for the summer months. Knowing how to hire a temporary employee, and who exactly you should hire, will make a difference in the overall care you can provide as well as in your financial stability. Hiring a temporary therapist provides solutions to all of the problems in a summer staffing shortage.  You will spend less on a short term solution, than on hiring a full time, permanent employee; your patients will be well cared for; and your employees won’t dread those weeks when their co- workers are out of town.

Working with a professional therapy staffing agency like myPTsolutions can help alleviate your summer staffing shortages and budgetary issues. myPTsolutions is owned and managed by Physical Therapists, so they know therapists who will serve your patients with compassion, excellence, and dedication. Our goal is to provide team members as necessary, on whatever terms you need, and with the flexibility that can be helpful to any budget. As you move into 2Q and forward, consider utilizing the services of a staffing company like myPTsolutions for your facility needs. Not only can you get the help you need, but it can be tailored to meet your specific budgetary demands.

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