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You’ve heard the saying… If you want to catch fish… you have to go where the fish are.

But the question is, “Are therapists using social media to look for jobs and, if I invest in developing a social media presence, will that help me find my next therapist?”

Well, social media has become a significant factor in the way healthcare professionals communicate with consumers and each other. Not only are social media sites being used by doctors and facilities to provide patients with health information, they are also a common means for healthcare professionals to network with each other. Recently, 31 percent of healthcare professionals reported using social media sites, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, for professional networking. Broken down, 36 percent of those were allied health professionals, 33 percent were nurses and 29 percent were pharmacists. And that’s not all. In that same year, one out of every three healthcare workers reported using social media in his or her job search.

The Value of Social Media for Finding Talented New Staff

Healthcare staff continues to be in high demand, with 98,000 new healthcare jobs created in the first half of 2014. Reportedly, 40 percent of healthcare employers struggle to fill open healthcare positions. If this is the case at your facility, it’s time to go where the candidates are – and that’s social media.

Harnessing the Power of Social Media

Social media sites provide a forum for candidates to learn more about your facility. You can position yourself as an industry expert, participate in group discussions by joining LinkedIn groups or commenting on Twitter, and create an easy avenue for interested candidates to contact you. Many job seekers research companies by visiting their Facebook page, so by having a social media presence, you increase the audience to which you’re presenting yourself. On Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter you can also post open jobs, link to your facility’s website or provide advice and counsel by linking to your company blog. Social media offers plenty of options for communicating with qualified talent who might be a good fit for your open healthcare positions.

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Hidden Costs Related to Social Media

Though social media is a “free” means of connecting with potential new hires, it does require an investment on your facility’s behalf. Before employing a social media strategy, consider the following:

  • It can be time consuming. With social media sites, your readership will expect regular posts, as well as timely contact if they reach out to you. Depending on the traffic you receive to your social media sites, you may require a staff member partially or solely dedicated to your social media strategy.
  • You may need extra tools. Sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook give you the option to upgrade your functionality, but extra tools cost money. For example, with Facebook you can market your facility through paid ads, and LinkedIn will let you upgrade your page through a premium membership.
  • You may wish to hire help. If you don’t have a tech-savvy employee in house, you can maximize your social media strategy by hiring a marketing firm or a social media consultant. This, of course, increases the price of your “free” social media presence, as well.

In the End, it’s Worth the Investment

When you consider the tremendous popularity of social media and the significant percentage of the workforce who are using it, the effort and cost your facility must expend to participate is worth it. Through social media, you’ll improve your marketing reach, gain credibility, and increase your chances of tapping into the hidden talent pool of passive candidates.

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