Apps for Travel Healthcare

What would the world do without smartphones? As a travel healthcare professional, you can benefit from various apps designed to make your life easier:  track your expenses, find your way around while on location and make sure that you don’t forget anything with the help of these six apps:

Six Apps for Travel Healthcare Professionals

  1. ProfiTrakr. $1.99.  Keeping track of expenses as they happen sure simplifies things when tax time rolls around. This personalized income and expense-tracking app. has categories pre chosen for a Travel Nurse. These categories will be very similar to your needs as a Travel Therapist.
  2. Location Log. Free. With this handy app on your phone, you’ll have no problem keeping track of your assignment locations, as well as your fuel and mileage for reimbursement – important information for all travel healthcare professionals.
  3. Luggage Checklist. Free. Essential for every traveling professional, this app has an inventory system to help you pack and remember all essentials for an assignment. It also allows you to store your travel information and important contacts.
  4. Tripomatic. Free. Life should not be all work and no play! Using this app, you can find local hot spots based on your preferred activities. The app will plan an itinerary and map routes to help you reach your destinations, too.
  5. Skype. Free video chat. (Phone plan is available for a fee.) It can be lonely on the road. To help you keep in touch with friends and family back home, download the Skype app for your phone or device. Anywhere you’re connected to Wi-Fi you’ll be able to chat “face-to-face” for free.
  6. Wi-Fi Finder. Free. This app works on an iPhone or iPad and will help you locate the closest place to use Wi Fi. It tells you if the Wi Fi is free or paid, and who the provider is.  You can download the hot spots for your location, and have your wi fi map with you when you arrive at your new location.
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Still looking for more apps?

In addition to the above, dozens of other apps exist that can help you while on assignment – with such tasks as mapping locations, finding restaurants, locating tourist attractions, tracking expenses, finding gas stations, and on and on; the list is virtually endless. A Google search for travel therapy apps or travel healthcare apps will generate many useful results. It also helps to read through app descriptions to determine which will fit your travel needs best, as the memory on your phone or device may be limited.

Planning your next assignment?

PT Solutions works with travel therapists and other allied health professionals for travel placement across the country. To learn more about our open positions, contact a PT Solutions recruiter today!

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