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Your team of occupational therapists and occupational therapy assistants is part of a vitally essential profession that helps people of all ages. These professionals utilize a holistic approach to evaluating, intervening, and measuring outcomes for children with disabilities, people recovering from accidents, and helping older adults stay independent.

April is occupational therapy month, and it is time to recognize occupational therapists and their services. However, do not stop there. This month is a great time to showcase this fantastic profession on a larger stage.

6 Ideas for Celebrating Occupational Therapist Month With Your Staff

Celebrate on Social Media

Social media is the ideal forum for discussing the crucial work that occupational therapists do every day. Consider showing the public why your work is essential for the community by presenting actual examples of the job you and your team perform daily. To encourage public interaction on social media, offer safety tips and helpful information. Post questions and be prepared to receive honest public feedback.


Make educating the public a priority during the month of April. Education might include a local elementary school trip to speak on safety or perhaps travel to a high school to discuss occupational therapy careers. If getting out of the office is impossible, invite people from the community to submit stories or artwork about occupational therapy. Sweeten things up by offering a small prize.

Host a Party

Office parties, even small ones, are great for showing your team at your workplace that you appreciate their service. Occupational therapy is a challenging profession, and it is crucial to recognize the work your staff handles each day. You might also consider an awards ceremony, luncheon, or even a small breakfast.

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Thank You Notes

Are you exploring ways to celebrate occupational therapy month and build camaraderie in your office? Consider handing out thank you cards. Take the time to personalize each card with something complimentary about each person on your team. It might be a small gesture, but your team members will be grateful.


Office decorations for occupational therapy month can serve two purposes: They can show your staff that you appreciate them, and decorations can educate people who come into the area. Plaques to celebrate the hardworking occupational therapists or historical posters might also be considerations. Do not let the fascinating history of occupational therapy go unnoticed.

Challenge Employees

Photo challenges with occupational therapy themes are a fantastic way to bring the office together. Post the photos on Instagram based on a keyword for each day of the month. Try to emphasize motor skills, socialization, self-regulation, and other components associated with your field.

Continuing Education

During this month of observance, be sure to discuss the need for occupational therapy continuing education. Continuing education in occupational therapy courses is an excellent way to connect with your field in a new way. Recognize occupational therapy month by signing up for classes to pursue opportunities in the occupational therapy industry.

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