In our modern day calendar it seems everyday has some event and cause fighting for our awareness, support or involvement.  A quick glance reveals there are over 1,200 national days.  Some with lofty history and rich legacy: National Freedom Day (Freedom From Slavery) and Human Rights Day. Others are fun, silly or real head scratchers.  National Homemade Soup Day,  gets you full and feeling your best for National Walk Around Things Day.   Alternately, some carry such weight and nobilty that they have garnered a whole week:  American Quilters Society Week,  International Pooper Scooper Week. 

The relatable thing they all have in common, whether absurb or honorable, is that someone somewhere had a desire to bring some intentionality to it.  This May, the act of being deliberate about something can have some great benefits for your whole body.  May is Health and Fitness month!

Regular physical activity is good for everyone all year long of course, but as we’ve seen, sometimes having an intentional period to bring focus and awareness to even the most basic needs, like healthy living, can be useful during our often busy lives.

People of all ages, shapes and sizes can be physically active and May’s Health and Fitness month reminder is a great excuse to put ourselves in motion.

Here are just a few quick benefits of physical activity:

  • Children and adolescents – It improves bone health, heart health and muscular fitness.
  • Adults – It can lower the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and some types of cancer.
  • Older adults – Physical activity can lower the risk of falls and has shown it can improve cognitive functioning (like learning and judgment skills).

Spread the word about the benefits of getting active!  …of course without stepping on the toes of National Chocolate Custard Month.

If you need a little extra kick of motivation try out this great ‘Be Active Your Way Widget.’ This quick quiz instantly provides physical activity tips and recommendations.

Be Active Your Way (open quiz in new window)

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