Since today’s healthcare consumers often “shop” online for rehab options, rehabilitation providers that have a robust online and social media presence have a significant advantage when it comes to generating referrals. However, maintaining an online presence take time and expert know-how.  If you can afford it, outsourcing your digital marketing makes sense. At the very least, most rehab managers and clinic owners can benefit from online workshops or marketing mentors. And, since rehabilitation providers have unique marketing challenges, they benefit from marketing strategies that are created by physical therapists or other rehabilitation industry experts.

There are plenty of companies that specialize in marketing for physical therapy clinics.  We’ve compiled a list of 6 therapy specific marketing companies that were started by rehabilitation professionals or that specialize in physical therapy marketing services to give you just a glimpse of the resources at your disposal.

Note: This list is not an endorsement of these businesses or their services, but a sampling of some of the many therapist-specific marketing resources. If you know of other options, please share them in the comments section below.

Rehabilitation Marketing Specialists

A Google search can yield almost endless choices for possible rehabilitation marketing partnerships. Each of the following rehabilitation marketing resources caters to a specific audience:

  1. Vantage Clinical Solutions. Vantage Clinical Solutions was started by Tannus Quatre, a licensed Physical Therapist who also has an MBA from Duke University in Marketing and Finance.  The staff at Vantage Clinical Solutions offer a wide range of services to healthcare companies, including medical billing, staff development, strategic planning, and marketing. For help that ranges from back office services to building a powerful company website or email marketing campaign, they’ve got you covered.
  2. BuildPT.  This marketing resource, developed by Vantage Clinical Solutions, specifically for marketing physical therapy practices, offers services such as newsletters, social media kits, website building and maintenance, press packages, email campaigns and more. To land your PT practice in the hearts and minds of consumers, you can visit BuildPT today at
  3. BPTM – Breakthrough PT Marketing was started by a physical therapist named Chad Madden. After developing marketing tactics for his own outpatient clinic, he decided to record and sell his marketing insights through workshops and coaching. His materials are focused on helping private practice therapists increase revenue and may be most helpful for an outpatient clinic manager.
  4. Brazzel Marketing. This company specializes in generating content for physical therapy and home health organizations. If you just don’t have time to write your own newsletters and blogs, they can help. They attract patients and increase referrals through print materials, social media presence, newsletters, mail campaigns and other digital marketing strategies.
  5. OrthoRank. This company caters to orthopedic surgeons and other medical practice professionals. Their goal is to help healthcare organizations build attractive websites and appear at the top of search engine lists. Their cutting edge services will help you maximize your online listings, manage your online reputation, and track monthly analytics to monitor your marketing activity. You can learn more on their website.
  6. Healthcare Success. With a team of over 60 people, Healthcare Success is a full service marketing agency which only services healthcare clients. They specialize in helping hospitals, medical practices, device manufacturers, and corporations. To see what kind of services they offer physical therapists, visit this link. With Free Resources and Seminars, their website is worth a visit, if only to get an understanding of the big business side of healthcare marketing.
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For more information

The APTA also provides resources to help your private PT practice market its services and build brand identity in your community. Resources include tips for reaching the media, consumers and other healthcare professionals. For more information, just visit the APTA website.

Looking for new staff?

As you increase your marketing efforts and patient caseload, you may find you need additional therapy staff to meet customer demand. And PT Solutions can help. We’ll work with you to find the PT, OT, and SLPs you need to keep business running smoothly. To learn more, contact one of our experienced therapy employment specialists, today!


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