Happy Physical Therapy Month: 5 Ways to Celebrate at Your Practice

October is National Physical Therapy Month.  The intent is to raise awareness regarding the benefits of physical therapy. The American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) annually selects a particular theme for the events, and it is a time of learning and having fun. Although we are still in unprecedented times with COVID-19, there are still multiple creative ways to celebrate National Physical Therapy Month. Get your practice involved in the celebration! 

Five Ideas To Help Your Practice Celebrate National Physical Therapy Month

Celebrate the Month Within Your Clinic

One of the best ways to celebrate physical therapy month is to advertise it within your practice. You can create colorful posters and informative flyers to let your patients know that October is National Physical Therapy Month. Of course, you can use your team’s creativity and create your posters and leaflets, or you can choose to use the PT Toolkit available from the APTA. This toolkit offers access to print graphics, handouts, postcards, and signs. Let staff wear shirts or buttons that celebrate the month. Take it a step beyond and update your voicemail to celebrate the month. You should also take time to recognize and appreciate your staff. They deserve it and it can bring extra excitement to your practice!

Social Media Update

Speaking of updating, this is a great time to update your social media accounts. You can use your social media platforms to celebrate National Physical Therapy Month. You might consider using digital graphics from the APTA toolkit. By being active on social media, you will help raise awareness of physical therapy and your practice. You should highlight your staff, your patients, and any other updates on social media throughout the year but it is a must during National Physical Therapy Month. You may also consider following ChoosePT on Twitter @Choose PT and Facebook @ChoosePhysicalTherapy. Here you can interact with and share additional posts. 

Global PT Day of Service

The first Global PT Day of Service was the idea of two physical therapists who sought to perform community service. It’s typically held on October 17th. By participating in Global PT Day of Service, you join a project where PTs, PTAs, and others who support the PT profession perform community service on the same day. You can participate as a clinic and pick a charity or organization that your team wants to help. Do not forget to post about your participation in the event on social media to help bring awareness to the cause.

Host a Community Event

Consider hosting a free outdoor fitness class, balance assessment, or posture screening. These events can easily take place in a local park or any other outdoor space available to you. These events are the ideal opportunity to get your community moving while promoting the benefits of physical therapy available at your practice. Be sure to distribute patient education pamphlets and other promotions for your practice. Promotions can include facial coverings, hand sanitizer, pedometers, or t-shirts with your logo. 

Host a Virtual Webinar

As an expert on physical therapy,  you need to share your knowledge with your community. You can pass on knowledge to your community by presenting a virtual webinar featuring the therapists in your clinic. Additionally, do not forget to advertise on social media channels and connect with your referral sources for help in promoting the event. The virtual webinar is also a chance to promote the PT profession and your PT professionals through community awareness. There is no better time to share your expertise!

Celebrate by Finding the Physical Therapy Talent You Need for Future Success

When you have the right people working at your practice, every day feels like a celebration! Now more than ever it is difficult to find the right people! If you need help, get in touch!  myPTsolutions can provide the placement solutions you need! Every practice is different and your unique needs will be our top focus! 

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