Check out Dinsmore’s TEDx talk from Golden Gate Park to find how you can actually love the work you do.

Did you know that 80 percent of workers dislike their jobs?

When Scott Dinsmore heard about these alarming statistics, he went on a mission to get figure out what’s going on. What makes the other 20 percent enjoy their jobs? Scott has figured out that helping people find jobs they love requires a different way of thinking about work.  Instead of working to “Build your resume” Dinsmore helps individuals hone in on their unique strengths, values, and experiences to become passionate workers.

Doing what you love and #myptsolutions go together!

PT Solutions is a therapy staffing agency that is owned and managed by two physical therapists who are passionate about their work! We exist to help therapists to find jobs that they love by connecting them with premier rehab employers. If you are ready for a change, contact one of our therapy employment specialists here.

Help inspire other therapists.

Do you have a job, mission, or hobby that you love? Tell other therapists about it:

  • Share a picture on your Instagram or Twitter account of the job or hobby that you love.
  • Explain why you love it in the post.
  • Hashtag #myptsolutions and #dowhatyoulove

We’ll share your post with other therapists on our  #dowhatyoulove page!

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