Don-t Let Your Physical Therapy Staff Burnout as the Weather Warms Up

Burnout is common in physical therapy. Following are four of the most frequent reasons for burnout, along with suggestions on how you can avoid burnout and create an excellent work environment for your physical therapy team.

How to Prevent the 3 Main Causes of Burnout in Physical Therapists

Student Debt

A report suggests that more than half of rehab therapy students graduate with more than $70,000 in debt. Worse still is that many students are entering the field with more debt than they will likely make in a year, which sets them up for a future of financial struggles. When you factor in other negatives such as complex patients, impossible productivity metrics and never-ending reporting requirements, it is easy to see how physical therapists and assistants burn out.

As a leader, you must understand the current landscape and its impact on new hires and young professionals and advocate for change. If your organization cannot pay a high entry-level salary, try to provide income stability and a comprehensive benefits package. If possible, include student loan payoff in your benefits package, which is a fantastic retention tool. Remember to maintain a healthy culture that supports your employees trying to get out of financial debt.

Impractical Productivity Requirements

Productivity metrics serve organizations well regarding billable hours and workload. However, one must use prudence when applying these metrics to set goals and enforce in-clinic practices. Such measurements create an unsustainable work environment for your team. The result is therapists who feel undervalued and unable to deliver proper care to patients due to fear of the metrics. Ultimately, these unreachable metrics will result in employee burnout and the possible loss of an employee.

If you choose to use metrics, use them to gain insight instead of focusing on productivity. Ensure that goals align with desired outcomes. Consider measuring soft skills like leadership and attitude and track therapist involvement in collaborative efforts. Remember that productivity is not the only thing metrics can measure.

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Many physical therapy professionals are unhappy with their current EMR systems. There is significant frustration in finding a practice management solution that works for therapists and not against them.

It may be time for a change. Although it will take time and effort to get a new system running, it outweighs therapists’ regulation and reporting demands. Technology intends to make our lives easier. If this is not the case, you are using the wrong technology. A software platform should be intuitive, easy to use and offer comprehensive training.

A Bad Company Culture

If you want to fight off burnout and retain your team members, create a positive, nurturing, and supportive environment for your team members. If you cannot take care of your personnel, how do you expect them to care for your patients?

Pay close interest to the culture you are creating. Are your patients and staff happy? Does your institution foster personal and professional growth for your employees? Do you listen to the needs of your team? If you make your people a priority, the profit will follow. If profit is driving your business, expect your people to leave.

Looking for Motivated Employees?

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