What’s so great about working in a school setting?

  1.  Improving your work / life balance

  2.  Convenient for raising a family

  3.  Better benefits

  4.  Desire to practice in a pediatric setting

From a pediatric physical therapist’s point of view, there’s no better way to combine working full time and raising a family! According to the physical therapists who took our employment preference survey,* a better work / life balance ranks as the #1 reason they chose to work as a school setting.  Pediatric school physical therapists love kids, and they love being home with their own kids during holiday breaks.

Benefits are another draw for pediatric therapists to work in a school, as schools that employ therapists offer them the same excellent health insurance plans that they offer their regular, full time teachers. And finally, school therapists really enjoy working with kids. Along with pediatric hospitals, intermediate school districts are one of the largest employers of pediatric therapists.

If you are interested in getting a foot in the door as a school therapist, contact one of our therapy employment specialists, today!

*myPTsolutions Therapist Employment Preference Survey, November 2016

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