myPTsolutions helps therapists find direct hire jobs “travel therapist jobs.”  Travel Therapists fill in at various facilities providing short term coverage for medical leaves, additional staffing for seasonal census fluctuations, or coverage while a facility continues to look for a permanent employee.

Here are some of the things our PT, OT, and SLP employees enjoy most about working as travel therapists.

Perk #1: Great Pay

On average, temporary travel assignments earn more than permanent positions. Also, in many cases, housing arrangements are paid and covered via a nontaxable stipend. Many travel therapists maximize their income earning potential in order to get a jump start on paying off their student loans.

Perk #2: Focus on Providing Therapy – Avoid Office Politics

Pay cuts across the board?  Inadequate Benefits? Looming Corporate Merger on the horizon? These kinds of workplace changes have a very small impact on travel therapists! What a relief to go home and not worry about company politics!

Perk #3: Avoid Burnout and enjoy a varied experience

Therapists are highly prone to burnout because they are in a helping occupation and have high expectations of themselves and their employers. Facing disappointment every day and trying to change “the system” can wear you out. One proven cure is to step back and try something new! Travel therapists enjoy a variety of settings, meet new people, gain experience with different patient populations from a variety of age groups, cultural backgrounds and income levels.

Perk #4: Skill Development

By traveling through different facilities, travel therapists learn techniques and treatments from a variety of teachers and mentors.  Working as a travel therapist expands your training and skill sets.

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Perk #5: Put YOUR vacation in the schedule first!

Travelers tell their employer when they are available! No more wondering if you can get off for the holidays! Do you need 3-4 weeks off to visit family or make that overseas trip worthwhile? Travel therapists have a great deal of control over their schedules.

Perk #6 Sightseeing

From the west to east coast, you can see it all! Experience different areas of the USA even while working. Not only can you control your vacation time off, you can get paid to travel to your vacation destination, or fit in mini vacations on some long weekends. It’s a pretty sweet set up!

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