Rewarding employees for a healthy lifestyle is something that every employer wants to do, but no matter how great your program, low participation may cause you to give up and become discouraged. Incentives fall flat or are quickly forgotten. Making time for wellness in the midst of productivity expectations and full schedule of patient evaluations and treatments isn’t easy. Healthcare wellness programs require an enthusiastic, sustained effort on the part of administrators to convince their employees that they truly value healthy choices.

Here are 5 wellness incentives that will convince your healthcare employees that you mean business:

  1. Offer a health insurance plan that rewards healthy lifestyles. Your employees want to save money and earn money. If they can be healthy and earn a discount, most will do what they can to make it happen. Every health insurance plan has a healthy lifestyle option. Make sure you offer one of these plans in your benefit package.
  2. Use Time – Off as an incentive. Time is your employee’s most valuable commodity. Giving employees a reward, such as an extra day off or half day for every sick day they do not take, can be a powerful incentive to stay healthy. Consider allowing your team to take off early on a Friday or even work from home one day in a month if they meet their wellness goals.
  3. Make it fun! Offer programs and fun activities to help your teams stay healthy. Maybe the ability to eat lunch outdoors or time off for a company sponsored activity like an outdoor game or walk. Find something everyone would be able to enjoy. In the past companies have hosted bean-bag tournaments, rented bicycles, offered yoga or pilates classes, or experimented with any number of new and interesting activities.
  4. Make it convenient. Do you have unused space that could be made into a recreation center or exercise room? Employees have no excuse when the exercise facility is on site. And don’t forget to give your employees a place to shower or clean up before heading back to work. as well.
  5. If nothing else works, create a competition between departments. Host your own “Biggest Loser” Competition with prizes, or give away movie tickets to the department that logs the most miles. Having a chart on the wall that displays everyone’s progress increases the accountability and chance for success.
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Improved wellness will benefit your organization in the long run with happier employees and increased ability to perform at their jobs. You can cut back on sick days when your team is healthy and feels valued. Why not start today with one of these 5 tips and see how well your team responds?

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