Tuesday • March 8 • 5:30pm
Grand Rapids Brewing Company

PT PUB NIGHT – a global sponsor of local pub nights for Physical Therapists all around the world – will be collaborating with PT Solutions to host a GRAND RAPIDS, MI PT PUB NIGHT at 5:30pm on March 1, 2016 at the Grand Rapids Brewing Company, located at 1 Ionia  Ave, Suite 1, Grand Rapids, MI 49503.  We think Grand Rapids, MI, legitimately recognized as “Beer City USA” can host the best PT Pub Night in the country, maybe even in the world!

After all, Grand Rapids is quickly becoming a “beercation” destination, and hosts all kinds of events centered on the craft brewing experience. We certainly welcome any out of town Physical Therapists who might find this event the perfect excuse to stop in at the Grand Rapids Brewing Company and find out what all the hype is about!

Hype you say?  Believe it or not, Grand Rapids, MI is currently ranked #1 in the nation in USA TODAY 10Best’s Online Voting for best beer scene. USA TODAY’s beer experts hand-picked 20 of the “best beer scenes in the USA — places with exceptional beer bars, gastropubs, craft breweries and a thriving beer culture.  (Check out the other 19 cities and vote for your favorite here. Voting is open until February 29, 2016.)

But other than world-renowned beer, why should you come out and join us for PT PUB NIGHT Grand Rapids, MI? Meeting up at a pub after work certainly isn’t anything new. What makes this opportunity so special?


Vantage Clinical Solutions, a healthcare specific, business-consulting firm, started hosting PT Pub Nights as a way for physical therapists to build relationships with the other therapists in their area. Physical Therapy professionals, students, and enthusiasts from 9 countries, 45 states, and 260-plus cities have been meeting up at local PT Pub Night events around the world, and this movement is just getting started!  According to PT Pub Night’s website, “PT Pub Night is a global community of fun-loving, problem-solving physical therapy professionals, students and general PT enthusiasts who regularly gather in local pubs and restaurants around the world.“

The goal?

PT Pub Night exists to ‘Facilitate Relationships That Improve Our Profession.’  Improving the profession may seem like a lofty goal – but when relationships are strengthened between new and experienced therapists, this is exactly what happens. The old and the new mix to make both stronger!

Grand Rapids, MI PT Pub Night History:

The Grand Rapids Chapter of PT Pub Night was started in 2014 by Don Freehafer, PT; owner of Freedom Physical Therapy.  The chapter has a closed facebook group, that all area Physical Therapists and DPT Students are invited to join.  Don has hosted several events, however, he is happily turning over hosting responsibilities. This is the first event that PT Solutions will be hosting. We hope that increased promotion for this event pays off with a large turnout.

Who will be there?

You will, hopefully! Grab a friend and join us!
Or, if you want to scope out the crowd before you arrive, sign in on the public facebook event page.

Student Physical Therapists

Your first drink is on us!

Complete this form by Monday, February 22, 2016 and PT Solutions will mail you a ticket for one free drink.   Or stop by our booth at GVSU Career Fair on February 25, 2016 from 1-5pm and ask for a ticket for the event.  Cheers!



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