“Dream jobs do not exist,” may be a frightening statement for some who are trying to nab that perfect job, but may be a sense of relief for others, who are ready to just be done with job searching. But if there isn’t a dream job, how can we be passionate and feel PURPOSE while doing it? How can we really love our work? Don’t panic! Experimentation is all part of the package of finding the job you love, says Celeste Headlee, NPR host and opera singer in her TEDx Talk.

Watch Headlee’s refreshing perspective here, and learn how each job we take is an important part in shaping our vision, and helping us establish our mission in order to love our work. Check it out!

Are you trying to find a purposeful therapy job that you love, but need assistance in finding exactly what this looks like?

Doing what you love and #myptsolutions go together!

PT Solutions is a therapy staffing agency that is owned and managed by two physical therapists who are passionate about their work! We exist to help therapists to find jobs that they love by connecting them with premier rehab employers. If you are ready for a change, contact one of our therapy employment specialists here, or visit our website to learn more about your employment options.

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